A Shiny​ New Marketplace With Millwork Roots

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2018 was a great year of growth for the Novelty Iron Works Building; and 2019 will be as well

EAT: The Foundry Restaurant announced on Monday, January 14, 2019 that we’ve begun preparations for our newest dining experience and temporarily closed the dining room for remodeling. We are eager to announce that these preparations are for our new partner, Gino’s East, the renowned Chicago-based pizzeria that defined “Chicago Style” pizza with its deep-dish creation back in 1966.

Guests will not only experience Gino’s East trademark deep-dish pizza, but if you’re familiar with any of Gino’s East’s other locations, you know they’re famous for their tradition of asking customers to leave their mark (literally) on the restaurant. Think about how you will leave your mark at the Dubuque Gino’s East!

Gino’s East opening date will be announced in the coming weeks. During this time, our Foundry banquet chefs will be getting expanded kitchen facilities and will be focused exclusively on our growing events and catering business!

PLAY: In conjunction with Gino’s East, Novelty Iron Works will be home to their partner, The Comedy Bar, which will feature top talent and live stand-up comedy in an awesome new theater space. 

Read the official announcement here

Want to know more about these awesome partners before they arrive to Dubuque?  Visit their websites at Gino's East and The Comedy Bar!